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GOOGLASS® can produce smart glass in various configurations in order to meet the special needs of its customers. The use of GOOGLASS® Smart Glass panels gives incredible flexibility in building designs, many panels can work simultaneously on a single transformer or more than one transformer can be used in order to achieve the same purpose in a room. The activated electric glass becomes transparent, when the transformer is turned off it returns to the opaque state again.

In addition to this, it is possible to give high contrast features to liquid crystal properties to GOOGLASS® Smart Glass products. For this reason, when  GOOGLASS® is in opaque state, with a projector, very high quality images can be viewed at 360 degrees and this image quality offers attractive advantages and possibilities especially for the advertising industry.

GOOGLASS works with 220 Volt AC connected to mains and with transformers of its own production and design that produce 50-65 Volt AC voltage. When the system is off, the glass is opaque and there is zero consumption, when the glass is on – transparent and the system is active, the consumption is around 5-6 watt/m2.

Smart Glass production is manufactured with a very sensitive and precise production process and absolutely there is a special installation technique. It contains very different applications and procedures than ordinary glass installation, otherwise it may be out of use in a short time. For this reason, as GOOGLASS, we offer turnkey prices and we do the installation of all the systems we produce with our own expert staff.


* Operating Voltage: AC50-60V

* Frequency: 50 ~ 60 HZ

* Ampere: 100mA-200mA / m2

* Power Consumption: 5-6 W/sqm

* Operating Temperature: -20 / 70 Degree

* Parallel Luminous Transmittance: 77-83% on 5% off

* Sunlight Transmittance: 74-80% on 50% off

* Opacity : 3% on 75-80% off

* On-Off Time: 0.1 Seconds

* Max Size: 1500 * 3000 mm

* Visual Angle: 160 Degrees

* Usage as Rear Projection Screen

* Remote Control Possibility

* Easy to Adapt to Smart Phones

* UV blockage: 99%

* On-Off Life: 5 million times on-off