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Laminated material in Liquid Crystal Glasses is Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Film that reacts to an electric current. PDLC films are encapsulated between two layers of conductive layer (ITO-PET film), between layers of glass. When there is no electric current, they look like ground glass because liquid crystal particles suspended and dispersed between two glass prevents the glass from transmitting light. When there is electric current, these particles become polarized, align instantly, and allow light to pass to the other side.  Thus, thanks to this smart glass technology, we are allowed to switch between opaque glass and transparent glass by a simple electric current. Although our main color is opaque white, opacity-transparency can be ensured in the selected colored glass by choosing glass in different color options.


Visual Design: The opaque view allows to create many creative design concepts by creating a barrier and providing visual transmittance to meeting rooms, management offices, cafes, hospitals, in-house usage, banks, restaurants, fairs, events, hotel rooms, etc., and architects.

Heat and Sound Insulation
: Smart film can block solar energy UV by 99% and IR rays by 98%. It protects the interior areas thorough-lighted from fading and yellowing. It is 20% more effective than normal glass in sound insulation. This rate increases up to 60% in acoustic glass application.

: It has the function as a projection screen for showcases, office spaces, facades in residences, building facades, fairgrounds, etc. where Smart Glass is applied. It enables the creation of a perfect advertising space by using its own showcases for stores located on the street.


For all our products, you can download our special software-application suitable for Android and IOS to your smartphone and control your glass.