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Stores and store windows: It increases the shopping and life experiences by offering unique solutions with its rear projection feature in addition to the normal usage possibilities in the street-facing stores, store windows, stores inside the shopping malls, changing cabins or between the partitions, foyer area shows, events.


Houses: It offers new and original opportunities to contemporary architects and designers with special design applications that can be used in modern designed homes, bedrooms, bathrooms and partitions.


Offices: Googlass Smart Glass, which offers modern solutions for many places such as rooms of Board Members and CEO, meeting rooms, office entrances and partitions, add value to the spaces in terms of sound permeability and modern design, as well as privacy. It can be controlled with remote control options and, if desired, an Android and IOS compatible smartphone application. It offers you the chance to use the desired part as opaque and transparent at any time.


 Hotels: With smart glass products used in luxury hotel chains between rooms and bedroom-bathroom separators with stylish designs and elegant solutions are also produced for meeting rooms and event areas. It has acoustic feature and is 40-50% effective in sound permeability. It offers unique and innovative experiences for luxury hotels.


Airports: Googlass Smart Glass provides services from project designing to application and technical service, in airports at domestic line / international line partitions, corridor or food area partitions, security compartments, advertisment areas, passport booths, stores and at every point with modern architecture.


Museums and Entertainment Centers: It gives unforgettable, exciting moments with its perfect projection feature with the feature of being both opaque and transparent, and with projection at event moments at Sports Arenas, Museums, Entertainment Parks. It creates a visual feast by projecting writing when it is opaque, playing movies about the products on display and with the feature of turning back to transparent. It provides an alternative environment for advertisers, sponsors and event owners.


Hospitals: It is applied in hospitals and polyclinics, operating rooms, patient rooms, doctor’s rooms and meeting rooms. It provides a safe environment for staff in places such as MRI and X-ray tomography rooms, newborn and intensive care units, chemotherapy departments, patient rooms, folding screens and laboratories by eliminating X-rays, with its structure containing lead glass.


Advertisement: For street-facing stores, stores, real estate agencies, hairdressers, beauty salons, polyclinics, commercial office buildings and banks, it offers extraordinary solutions as an advertising space for brands that want to highlight their brand and services, especially with the motion video images created in the evening, with rear projection feature.


 We give support for all options and application areas in project designing, planning, technical consultancy, logistics, packaging, transportation, installation and insurance. We proceed in contact with you at every stage to ensure to deliver your product that you choose smoothly and on-time delivery, to ensure customer satisfaction.