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GOOGLASS® Smart Glass products are produced with the world’s best selection of raw materials in GOOGLASS’s own glass lamination factory and R&D Center in Tuzla, Orhanlı.

Although it varies according to the glass sizes, we have a production capacity of 500-2000 m2 per month in our factory with a production area of 500 square meters. In the production line of our factory, there are product development laboratory, prototype production area, test area and quality control departments, besides the main production and lamination center.

Since our Interior or Exterior works are mostly produced in parallel with a special project, the production is usually completed within 1-8 weeks for colored glass, liquid crystal laminated smart glass or liquid crystal films according to the need of sound insulation, door, wall, window and after the test phase, transportation and installation process are carried out.

Smart Glass is produced in any desired size and thickness in a way not to exceed certain dimensions in width and length, and our biggest dimension in one piece is 1500 mm x 3000 mm.